AI Predictions for 2019

  1. An AI hardware company will breakout, driving a plethora of new AI hardware startups and investment.
  2. Automation, predictive analytics, machine vision, and chatbot areas of AI will start to consolidate, as you have lots of companies with a bit of traction but not enough to raise more funding. They will get rolled up into other startups and some big companies.
  3. Two new jobs will grow. First — “trainers” or “data annotator” have been a small thing for a few years. They will become a big thing. Secondly, you will start to hear about “knowledge mechanics.” These are people who don’t do a process but understand how to fix it when a machine screws it up. Think of a washing machine. We don’t wash clothes by hand anymore, and most of us don’t know how a washing machine works. But we have people who design and fix washing machines. These knowledge mechanics will design and fix applied AI processes in a similar way.
  4. GANs will start to show up in applications. We haven’t seen this yet, but the tech is 4 years old. It’s about time.
  5. Google will come out with something new that combines deep learning and symbolic logic processing. I’ve heard Peter Norvig speak on something like this, so I assume Google is working on it, and 2018 was a little bit of a “deep learning is getting limited” year in some areas. Google will drive some new innovation here and once they do, everyone else will jump into it too.



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Rob May

Rob May

CTO/Founder at Dianthus, Author of a Machine Intelligence newsletter at, former CEO at Talla and Backupify.